As a Senior Level Designer working on Gears of War 4, I took maps which had been blocked out by the level design team at Microsoft and worked with the Splash Damage art team to take them from blockout to completion. While not very creative, the role was more about map team management, cross-company communication as well as map mark-up, collision etc. While working on this project I was promoted to the Lead Level Designer role and moved off to lead two other as yet unannounced projects within the company. While on those projects i managed the level designers who replaced me on Gears 4.
Gears Of War 4 Multiplayer
[MP Maps for Gears Of War 4 - Completed 2016]
Maps Designed by Epic/Microsoft
On this project I worked on Dam, Foundation, Gridlock, Harbor, Lift, Reclaimed and Relic multiplayer maps. I was responsible for guiding the art team in landmarking the maps, ensuring gameplay was maintained and incorporating feedback from playtests, communicating requests between companies, cover mark-up and full collision passes.
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