Upon completion of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory for Activision, I moved onto creating levels for the multiplayer component of Doom 3. For this project I designed the layouts for several maps. On this project I was responsible for all blocking out, scripting, optimization and environment art prop placement within the maps I had ownership of.
One of my maps (Tomiko Reactor) was selected to showcase Doom 3 at Quakecon and E3.
Some of my detail work made it into the single player part of the game. I worked closely with the art and tech teams at id software on the maps for this project. The two main levels I worked on for Doom 3 were Tomiko Reactor and Delta Labs as well as helping out on the detailing and optimization of the other three maps released.
Tomiko Reactor
[MP Deathmatch Map for Doom 3 -  Completed 2004]
The design of this map is centered around a giant laser at the heart of a reactor. The laser fires into the core at regular intervals as a trap for anyone trying to access the most powerful weapon in the game. The map contains several other scripted events. I created the layout and detailed and optimised this map working with the art team at id software. 
Delta Lab
[MP Deathmatch Map for Doom 3 -  Completed 2004]
The Delta Lab map has a tighter layout than the Tomiko Reactor arena style map. This deathmatch map is based in a series of interconnected rooms with individual themes to aid in player navigation. The theme of the map is a futuristic laboratory. For this map I was responsible for the layout/flow and detailing and optimisation throughout the level.
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